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    Responsibility Interprets Mission · Trust Achieves GloryResponsibility interprets mission Trust makes glory

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    Focus on Criminal DefenseFocus on criminal defense

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    ProfessionalsProfessional and excellent criminal defense lawyer

Liu Ping

Defense lawyer

Partner of Guantao Law firm
Awarded for "Top Ten Most Concerned People in China's Lawyer Industry in 2017”,
"Top Ten Innocent Defense Classic Cases in 2017”
and “Top Ten Effective Defense Cases in 2019"
Representative cases:
the redress of Fujian Miao Xinhua's intentional murder case (which was rated as one of the top ten innocent cases by the People's Supreme Court),
the appealing case of Huang ping's crime of gangland organization,
Guangming landslide case in Shenzhen, a case of duty crime committed by a deputy departmental official in Chongqing.

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Professional Abilities

Devotion Achieves Profession

Possess a keen sense of key information, and analyzes each case completely, carefully, deeply in order to spot the breakthrough of the case, identify the case facts, and apply the law accurately.
Strong theoretical
foundation of criminal law
Excellent defense skills
Caring characters
when meeting with criminal suspects
Comprehensive and meticulous
attitude to review case files
Rigorous and careful
analysis of evidence
Powerful and excellent
defense opinions

Focus on Criminal Defense

Specialized in criminal defense Provide full services, including investigation, prosecution, trail and trial supervision, etc.
  • Meet suspects
  • Defense in court
  • Case analysis
  • Risk control
  • Release upon bail
  • Investigation
  • Death penalty
  • Appeal & Petition