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  1. After the people's procuratorate prosecutes t
  2. After a criminal case is transferred from the
  3. After the execution of the sentence or the pardon, the criminal record will have various legal consequences for the offender, which will bring continuous adverse effects on the daily life of the criminal citizen after returning to society.
  4. Detention Center ≠ Prison
  5. Is the lawyer's way of charging me appropriate, and have I been scammed?
  6. Criminal cases involve human life and freedom. Once family members are involved, the case will undoubtedly become the "focus" of the family and seriously affect the normal life of the family. Lawyers seem to be their life-saving straw. In the judicial practice of our country, the responsibility of entrusting lawyers for criminal suspects and defendants falls on the family members. Why should family members entrust professional criminal lawyers and how can they find the right lawyer?
  7. Release on bail pending trial is a criminal compulsory measure stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China. It refers to the judicial organs such as public security organs, people's procuratorates and people's courts in criminal proceedings, ordering criminal suspects and defendants who have not been arrested or who need to change compulsory measures after arrest, in order to prevent them from evading investigation, prosecution and trial. A guarantor or a security deposit is issued and a letter of guarantee is issued to ensure that he will not be detained or temporarily relieved of his detention if he is on call. Executed by the police. Objectively speaking, after a criminal suspect is detained, the most worthy of consideration and the most worthy of spending time and energy is to release on bail pending trial. But not all detained suspects can be released on bail pending trial, so what conditions must be met for release on bail pending trial?
  8. Throughout this stage, family members need to
  9. During the investigation stage, after the public security organ, the people's procuratorate and other statutory organs conducting investigations interrogate the criminal suspect for the first time or from the date when compulsory measures are taken, the lawyer may accept the criminal suspect or his relatives, or other persons entrusted by the criminal suspect. hired to provide legal advice to criminal suspects, and criminal suspects who have been subjected to torture to extract confessions or have been detained for extended periods of time have the right to represent them in appeals and accusations. If a criminal suspect is detained, he may apply for release on bail pending trial.
  10. Why do successful businesses and entrepreneurs need an excellent team of criminal lawyers to complete criminal compliance?

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